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How to purchase and set up a web hosting service

Purchasing the Hosting Service

Step 1

Click on the Hosting link at the top bar
Click hosting

Step 2

Choose a plan of your choice on the hosting page
Choose Plan

Step 3

After the hosting plan has been saved to cart, click on the View cart button in the popup to continue payment. You can also click on Purchase Domain if you wish to purchase a Web space along with the hosting service.
View Cart

Step 4

Choose the number of days you want the hosting service to run from in the box provided in front of the hosting service you are purchasing. The default is 10 days.

Click on checkout button to start payment.
Final checkout After clicking the Checkout button, You will be redirected to Oneshopper login screen if you are not already logged in. If you are logged in already you will be redirected to make payment on Oneshopper(Our Checkout and Payment system).

Step 5

After successful login you will be redirected to Oneshopper. Choose if you intend to pay with your Credit card or Oneshopper eWallet. If you choose Oneshopper eWallet you must have enough balance for your payment to successful.
Accept the terms of purchase and click on PROCEED WITH PAYMENT button to make payment.
Make Payment
After a successful payment, you'll be redirected back to the shopping site.

Setting Up the Hosting Service

Step 1

After redirection is complete, Click on the Setup service button to proceed with service setup process. Go to Setup You will be redirected to your hosting service dashboard.

Step 2

All hosting service you have purchased will be shown and the hosting service you just purchased will be the first if you have more than one service on the list. Click on the Complete Setup button to setup the new hosting service Click Complete setup

Step 3

A domain name you purchased on your account that has not be tied to an hosting service will be pre-filled into the input box provided. You may change the domain name to any domain name of your choice that may have been purchased someone or enter the domain name you wish to tie the hosting service if the input box is empty.
The Domain name must be valid and already exists without being tied to another hosting service on our platform or another platform.
Click on the Proceed button to finish setup. Finalize setup
The domain would be checked and validated. Setup successful
On successful setup you will be redirected to the service details. Service Details

You have successfully setup a new hosting service.